Marriage Ed. 101

I am sitting in my living room listening to my roommates in the next room talking about marriage. This is ridicules. I think it’s a common fact that is known that most marriages today don’t last a year, but these Mormon girls think that getting married in the temple is going to save your marriage. And that after you’re married in the temple and have sex you’re going to stay together? No.

I am glad that I am not this naïve. I realize that marriages break up. I am a divorce child so I know all too well. I have a plan. It’s to be with a guy for a long time and if we think that we can stand being around each other for the rest of our lives then cool, we’ll get married. I plan on living with said man for a good while also. That’s to ensure that I can stand living around him. This is just stupid though. Listening to these girls that think tradition will save them. It won’t.

My mom told me a while ago that it’s better to be happy living your life than living it to someone else’s expectations. Or being the perfect Mormon girl my dad wants me to be and getting married to some rich Mormon guy that I can’t stand. I’ll be happy with my boyfriend who is Pagan and makes me actually happy. Not pretend happy, real happy.  


~ by alicechick on October 2, 2011.

6 Responses to “Marriage Ed. 101”

  1. i think what people, epecially some kinds of people, fail to realize is that life isnt perfect and people arent perfect and people will make mistakes, regardless whether you get married in the temple, in front of a judge, or in vegas. And marriage is hard work! Its not going to be all daiseys and roses and be ‘so perfect’. Its not just making dinner, popping out babies, and waiting for your husband to come home from work. I think maybe after the dazzle and excitement wears off after the wedding that some people have planned their whole life, they might get a little depressed and think oh crap the weddings over, the honeymoons over…NOW WHAT?! But people are people. Try to ignore them as annoying as it is.

    • Well it just makes me laugh how little some people know about life and marraige and that kind of stuff.

  2. yep pretty good laughing material.

  3. Marriage is work. A common life goal can be what keeps two people together . . . as long as they can manage to grow together and not apart. The temple can do that for realistic LDS people. Thinking that because your marriage is in the temple it will last seems to promote laziness, though.

    Equally annoying: the idea that babies will make your marriage better. NO, IDIOTS. Babies make a bad marriage WORSE. It is so challenging to raise a child with another person. Unless your marriage is strong already, you may end up strangling your spouse. Or throwing the iron at their head.

    Equally annoying: the honeymoon baby. “Well, we don’t really know if we can survive married life, but what the heck? Let’s shake things up already and add another person into this equation!!” Actually I think the honeymoon baby is purely a biproduct of rabbit sex with the idea that “God will give us a baby when it’s time.” At BYU-I, I had a professor that stood and shouted, “WRONG!!!!! God does not make babies, SEX DOES. Use your brains and plan this stuff out. When your planning goes awry, then maybe you can blame God.”

    It makes me sad that so many people seem to be setting themselves up for failure and disappointment.

    • Hahaha! I like that professor. It astounds me how people can really think God will save things for until it’s time. I think an unplanned baby would be one of those trail thingys everyone talks about…

  4. you know the unplanned baby in marriages like u guys were talking about thingy really gets on my nerves. Can you please tell me how this is any better than an unwed mother. Ironically it is people like this who turn there noses up at me!! No sex makes babies. But quite honestly in brents case brent was a godsend for me.

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