Interesting Conversations You Have At Work

Have you ever noticed how conversations will change drastically once customers or management isn’t around? I am noticing that more and more now. I had a very interesting conversation today with a co-worker. I rather enjoyed this one just because I actually got annoyed and had to think a little bit more. The co-worker continually asks me why I don’t like a girl at work. (This also is the girl that had put in her two weeks notice. She’s not leaving.) I had to really control myself when talking to this guy. I finally told him it’s not that she doesn’t accept that I do have just a little more authority that she does but just that she has a bad attitude now. I can understand that she was expecting a new job but once you know you’re staying at your old job you need to stop acting like you’re better than everyone else. You need to realize that keep being efficient and wanted. If you have a bad attitude then that may not happen. I am just speaking the truth here. If people don’t like you at work they aren’t going to want to help you.


~ by alicechick on April 3, 2012.

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