I Don’t Even Know Anymore…

This day is just so bipolar for me it shouldn’t even be allowed to happen. I’ve just barely got home from work and today was actually a good day at work too. Today was supposed to be my day off but I got called in and was asked to work for 8 hours. I didn’t mind because I don’t have a lot of hours this week anyway. But anyway towards the end of the day I was put on what Home Depot calls MPOS (Mobile Point Of Sale: A cashier that uses a phone to check people out and can print receipts right there on the floor.) It’s actually a lot of fun. I even made a huge sale at the end of the day because I could walk around and help a couple find items to make a toilet paper holder when they discovered we didn’t sale any. But now I am home and all alone. My boyfriend came in to my store earlier to give me my cell phone that we share and told me him and our friends were going to Cluff Ponds (it’s just out side of town). I wanted to go so bad. I actually told a customer earlier that I wanted to go swimming so bad and maybe I’d go there after work. I asked if they could wait until I got off work but my boyfriend said it would be dark then. He’s still not back… Just a crushing blow to me right now. And now I realize I don’t have any money. Again. I am so sick of having to work all the time and not being able to enjoy the benefits of having a job and money,


~ by alicechick on April 9, 2012.

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