Music Therapy

I’ve been really feeling this song tonight. Well the band I guess really.

I feel like the guy in this song…Like no matter what I do I keep messing everything up. I just can’t believe this is where I am in my life. A year ago I was still in college, living in the dorms and not worrying about money or an electric bill or food or any of this. I was worried about passing classes, okay not even really that. I was more worried about boys back then. But now I have my boyfriend. People keep telling me that I’d be better off on my own though. Like I’d have more money or other things if I wasn’t with him. But then I really think about it. If I wasn’t with my boyfriend I’d probably still be living in my old apartment still going to college and still have my car. But I’d also probably still be under my dad’s thumb, I’d still be worrying about money and I’d still be wondering where my next meal would come from.

Before I was with my boyfriend I was living in a small apartment with three other girls. I didn’t have any money though. I couldn’t even afford to buy food. That’s when I met my boyfriend, at that time my best friend’s boyfriend, and we were just friends, but he still would try to take care of me. He bought me food, helped me pay my bills and just made my life better. I do miss the times when He’d just do things like that just because he could though. Like when he’d just start kissing me for no reason. I feel like we’ve been together for years but no I am just that girl that’s been there forever and I am not that attractive to him anymore…


~ by alicechick on April 13, 2012.

3 Responses to “Music Therapy”

  1. It’s hard to keep the brand new love feeling in relationships!!!!! Very often I feel this way, but it helps for me if I try to keep things exciting. Men are like that they always need something exciting and new feeling!!!! You are fun and spontaneous, so you shouldn’t worry.

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