So This Is My Life…

I am still working if any of you are wondering. Yeah, I am still at Home Depot. It’s starting to get to me. It’s like there’s no end in sight and I am starting to sufficate. My boyfriend tells me things will get better once he has a job, but that seems to keep getting pushed back further and further. I am starting to lose hope.

My life at the Home Depot has changed a little. My Head Cashiers are starting to expect more of me and at first that got me really excited. I keep hoping that when I am off my probabtionary time that I’ll become full time and possible a Head Cashier myself. But there’s no knowing when my probabtion is over. I know that the company will keep me. If they didn’t want me I wouldn’t have Head Cashiers training me like they do.

There’s this girl here that works with me. She’s a cashier and I helped to train her. She’s put in her two weeks notice because she found a different job. She’s obviously not happy working here. I find it really unbelievable she actually thinks she can ask for extra hours when she’s leaving anyway. Twat.


~ by alicechick on April 2, 2012.

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