For the first time since I’ve started working at Home Depot I feel like a failure. Just moments ago a man came to my already busy register complaining about how our propane exchange machine wasn’t working correctly. I already helping another customer tried to help him as best I could. There wasn’t much I could do to begin with though, because I myself don’t have a key to the machine. So the man starts saying this, “Customer service is a thing of the past now. Corporations wonder why they can’t get customers, but it’s because they hire young kids who can’t even speak english. And no one teaches them anything. They are dumb as rocks!” He was saying this to the man I was already helping before he came inside to complain and was motioning towards me. There wasn’t anything I could really say to him because I was working and in my apron. I am sorry you think I am stupid sir. I am sorry I apparently can’t speak english well enough for you, even though it’s my first language and I speak better than you can. And I am sorry you are so dumb and old-fashioned that you remind me of my father. That’s one of the worst insults I can think of. But you truly do. Just because you think you aren’t getting my full customer service doesn’t mean you can belittle me into tears. If I wasn’t in my apron and on the clock I would have told you to piss off and learn some manners you inbreed hill billy fuck. Get out of my store.


~ by alicechick on March 23, 2012.

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