Repression and Evolving

Repressing is a psychological process the mind will perform when something traumatic or stressful happens in a person’s life. Most doctors will tell you repression is not something that shouldn’t happen. But sometimes I think forgetting something completely is helpful. We learn from our mistakes, but to a point. Sometimes forgetting is the best thing for us…At the moment I’d love to wipe the last two months of my life, but unfortunately a person can’t just push a reset button and forget.

But sometimes it’s best for us to learn to adapt. It’s the only reason we as humans are still living. If we hadn’t been able to evolve we wouldn’t exist. Evolving also includes learning to live with each other. Life only goes on because our ancestors pasted on their genetic material (that’s my sarcastically smart way of saying they had children, or rather sex). They fulfilled their biological part of living.

In college I had a math teacher who also dabbled in philosophy. I believe he had a doctorate in philosophy but I could be wrong. He didn’t only teach me math, I loved talking with him about philosophy. He’s the person who taught me about the biological need in life. I would like to add my own thoughts on the biological need. We care primitively programmed to want to only have sex and therefore children so that human life will continue living. But after thousands of years of adapting and evolving to what we are today some of us, well most of us, may not see the need. I don’t think the human race will ever really die out due to the lack of people.

Since we have the idea of needing to breed to continue our race we will forever continue having sex and accidentally getting pregnant and having babies. No one can beat the primitive thoughts of needing to have children. And no one is that careful when having sex. But once those kids are born and starting to be raised will they wonder, “Who’s really my mommy or my daddy?” And will that question ever get answered? Probably not, but we still have thousands of years for evolution to fix that now don’t we. (Insert smugly sarcastic smile here.)

~ by alicechick on July 29, 2011.

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