Interesting Conversations You Have At Work

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Have you ever noticed how conversations will change drastically once customers or management isn’t around? I am noticing that more and more now. I had a very interesting conversation today with a co-worker. I rather enjoyed this one just because I actually got annoyed and had to think a little bit more. The co-worker continually asks me why I don’t like a girl at work. (This also is the girl that had put in her two weeks notice. She’s not leaving.) I had to really control myself when talking to this guy. I finally told him it’s not that she doesn’t accept that I do have just a little more authority that she does but just that she has a bad attitude now. I can understand that she was expecting a new job but once you know you’re staying at your old job you need to stop acting like you’re better than everyone else. You need to realize that keep being efficient and wanted. If you have a bad attitude then that may not happen. I am just speaking the truth here. If people don’t like you at work they aren’t going to want to help you.


So This Is My Life…

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I am still working if any of you are wondering. Yeah, I am still at Home Depot. It’s starting to get to me. It’s like there’s no end in sight and I am starting to sufficate. My boyfriend tells me things will get better once he has a job, but that seems to keep getting pushed back further and further. I am starting to lose hope.

My life at the Home Depot has changed a little. My Head Cashiers are starting to expect more of me and at first that got me really excited. I keep hoping that when I am off my probabtionary time that I’ll become full time and possible a Head Cashier myself. But there’s no knowing when my probabtion is over. I know that the company will keep me. If they didn’t want me I wouldn’t have Head Cashiers training me like they do.

There’s this girl here that works with me. She’s a cashier and I helped to train her. She’s put in her two weeks notice because she found a different job. She’s obviously not happy working here. I find it really unbelievable she actually thinks she can ask for extra hours when she’s leaving anyway. Twat.


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For the first time since I’ve started working at Home Depot I feel like a failure. Just moments ago a man came to my already busy register complaining about how our propane exchange machine wasn’t working correctly. I already helping another customer tried to help him as best I could. There wasn’t much I could do to begin with though, because I myself don’t have a key to the machine. So the man starts saying this, “Customer service is a thing of the past now. Corporations wonder why they can’t get customers, but it’s because they hire young kids who can’t even speak english. And no one teaches them anything. They are dumb as rocks!” He was saying this to the man I was already helping before he came inside to complain and was motioning towards me. There wasn’t anything I could really say to him because I was working and in my apron. I am sorry you think I am stupid sir. I am sorry I apparently can’t speak english well enough for you, even though it’s my first language and I speak better than you can. And I am sorry you are so dumb and old-fashioned that you remind me of my father. That’s one of the worst insults I can think of. But you truly do. Just because you think you aren’t getting my full customer service doesn’t mean you can belittle me into tears. If I wasn’t in my apron and on the clock I would have told you to piss off and learn some manners you inbreed hill billy fuck. Get out of my store.

Back To The Beginning?

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My insomnia and depression seem to be back. I don’t like being alone when I am like this. It gives me too much time to myself. Too much time for my mind to play tricks on me. But maybe I’ll be lucky and today won’t be so bad…

It’s snowing now. Yes, in March it is snowing in Southern Arizona. I don’t understand it either. At least I enjoy the cold. I really wish I had hot chocolate right now though…(Smile…) Maybe my time alone today won’t be wasted. Maybe I’ll actually have some time to work on my story and actually get some where on it. I’ve decided I may not just try to remember how things went and just write about life now and how the past has effected me. Trying to remember everything that’s happened in the past 7 months is just too boring and tedious.

Randomly I am also missing home a lot today. Not the place that I grew up under a dictator, but the places that I loved for their individuality. My mom’s old apartment, her new trailer and most of all Bisbee. Oh I miss Bisbee so much. A lot of good memories there. I miss my mom so much too. I probably miss her the most actually. All these places are where we used to go to hang out with each other when we started to get close. I miss just hanging out and having fun, not how it is now where my mom only worries about how I am doing. I know she does it just to make sure I am doing okay and that I am not starving or something, but I miss just being able to be ourselves with each other. The constant how are you doing and are you doing this just stresses both of us out. I know distance and the untold stories make her worry and I feel bad about that. To be honest if I could I’d include her in every adventure that me and my boyfriend go through, but I can’t do that without straining our real lives. The way I want things to be can’t happen. We both have jobs and responsibilities. We can’t always be the biggest part of each others lives. I miss when if I had a problem in school or with my dad I’d talk to my mom. Now that doesn’t happen much anymore. I miss knowing I could tell my mom anything and not have to worry about what she’d think. I’ve held back a lot of things just because of I’d worry about what my mom would think. I’ve had to stop a lot of things from happening because of it. All just because of what other people have done. Well there’s my word vomit for the day. I now know how the caterpillar in Alice In Wonderland feels. 

Mood Music

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So I am wondering if music can change everything so much that it could alter a store’s popularity. I can just imagine instead of the country or classic rock or even the new pop songs that everyone seems to enjoy what would happen if we swapped that with European dance music or somthing like LMFAO. I think I would enjoy Home Depot more, but others probably not…

Something New And Awesome

•March 13, 2012 • 2 Comments

So I found out today that you can see who viewed your blog by which country they are in. I think that is so awesome!

Regret and Sorrow

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I feel pretty terrible today. I am just so stressed out. I am working so much now it never seems like I have anytime for me or to just relax. I get paid and then it’s all gone within just a few days. I feel almost like a failure. It’s like nothing can ever go right and I am just stuck in this loop until something stops me.

My boyfriend told me that he’s applied for jobs out-of-state. Mining jobs in like Salt Lake City or Colorado. I hope he gets something, but it scares me to death to think about it. I am trying not to get my hopes up too much, but what if he does get the job? What if we move and never see our friends here again. Yes granted there aren’t many people we call friends here, but still…Plus I’d never see him much if he did get the job. He’d always be tired and we’d never be able to do things together. Yes the money would be better, but it just scares me. Moving to a strange city with no certainty how long we’d be there or how long he’d have the job. This morning he told me he could see regret and sorrow in my eyes. I am just so worried and scared what’s going to become of us…