Psychology of Couples

I am starting to understand how different my relationship with my boyfriend is compared to other couples. We act as a team and communicate easily to each other if there is a problem. My boyfriend says that we do act like a married couple even though we’ve only been dating five months. I didn’t notice it that much before, but now I realize how lucky I am that my boyfriend is the way he is. He likes working and he puts me before really anything. I could have someone a lot worse.

I see a couple every day now that is married and they are both totally miserable in the relationship. The only thing with this couple is that one has a job and the other has the car. Without the other one would be crippled. I don’t believe these kind of relationships are healthy for either person.

It’s depressing, though, because I can see why the wife is unhappy. Her husband sits around at home all day play his X Box while she is out working a dead end job. (At the moment I don’t like X Box very much my self. I’ve noticed it just causes problems in any relationship, even my own. If it isn’t a constant thing it would be tolerable, but everyday all day is too much. Once it interferes with daily tasks like dishes or shopping for food it’s an addiction that needs to be taken care of and handled.) He only cares about himself and his belongings and to be frank I can’t stand being around this man for an extended period of time. It’s heart breaking to see this woman struggle so much to just make things work for her family.

Even though the husband is lazy and selfish the wife has her problems as well. Sadly her problems are more complex. This woman is severely bipolar and it does get in the way of her relationship with her husband. Understandably the husband doesn’t know how to handle his wife when her episodes become uncontrollable.

After seeing this couple I realize how lucky I am to have a boyfriend that I can get along with ease. I don’t know how this couple’s relationship will go, but I hope they can find a way to love each other and help each other.


~ by alicechick on January 17, 2012.

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