Still Going

So my laptop’s power cord eat the big one. I have to get a new one some how or rather some day. So until I can get a new power cord I am a little low tech or I have to borrow computers. Right now I am on my boyfriend’s brother’s laptop. So if my formatting looks different compared to older posts that’s why. Other than that things are still difficult for us. I’ve gotten a job at Home Depot so at least things are looking up for us.

I guess you could say we’ve made a New Year’s resolution. My boyfriend and I are planning to move to Mesa and hopefully by the end of this year we will be able to. My boyfriend doesn’t want to move until winter again so we can get used to the heat. It’s a lot hotter there than it is in Safford. Plus we want to save up a good nest egg before we move.

I’ve gotten a new idea for a story. Since my laptop is out of commission for a while I can’t work on really any of my story ideas. I want to restart an edit for Find Your Way, but I have been thinking about writing down the story of my life. I may be a nobody now, but who knows someday maybe that could change or I really don’t know…It could be entertaining. I think I’ll call it The American Dream. Yeah I know I am not from another country, but I feel foreign to life I guess is a way to say it.



~ by alicechick on January 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Still Going”

  1. I love you story idea! Show the world what you are! I love you!

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