Flawed At Best

I don’t understand parts of our government. Today since I am obviously in need of help since I can’t find a job I went to D.E.S. and applied for food stamps. But because I am technically still a student I can not get food stamps. Here are only two of the ways I could reserve food stamps are if I have a job where I am working 20 hours a week or if I have a Federal Work Study Grant. I have the grant and I do want to work. But I don’t understand how if you are a college student why they don’t ask do you live on campus. If you live on campus you have to have a meal ticket, so no real need of food stamps and if you’re a student and working 20 hours a week you can afford to buy some food if you live on campus.

I just don’t see how a student can’t be eligible for food stamps. I can understand if the student lives on campus where they aren’t eligible, but a student who has no job and lives off campus needs help.

~ by alicechick on December 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Flawed At Best”

  1. There’s alot of things i don’t understand about our government!!!!!

  2. Yes, our government really doesn’t make any sense and I think it needs to be reexamined.

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