Classical Conditioning

Finally a psychology term after so long. Classical conditioning is pretty much just  a learned trait or habit a person gets after so many exposures to a certain event. It goes more in depth than that with different parts and things like positive and negative reinforcement, but for the purpose of this post a simple start with classical conditioning is fine.

I never realized how much my mind is fucked up from my childhood. Living with my boyfriend is bring it out in me. My sense of I am in trouble sends me into retreat and I want to hide. Lately I’ve been feeling weird and I’ve started wondering if maybe our relationship would be better if I wasn’t so independent and self spoken… 

When I was growing up when I was in trouble I would run to my room and just stay there until I felt the problem had cooled down. Right now that’s a little harder living in a one room apartment…My boyfriend doesn’t understand it really and I know there are other things about me that bug him. Like how when I get really upset I cry. I don’t have to be sad just really emotionally upset; angry, scared, worried, even happy sometimes and my traitor tears show up…


~ by alicechick on November 27, 2011.

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