Drug users have started to peak my interest as a psychologist. Not small time drug users like people who use marijuana but hardcore users like the ones on meth. I say meth just because it seems to be of the biggest interest of sort in our society and plus it’s existence in my neighborhood is becoming more relevant.

In the past month and a half I have had probably almost $600 that was hidden stolen from my boyfriend and I’s apartment by a person we thought was a friend. In reality this friend already had a drug problem and we knew if he ever had the chance to use meth he probably would. He was addicted to what they call uppers, drugs that make people hyperactive like speed, coke or meth. He had been keeping his addiction legal by using something called salt that is like meth but not as potent or illegal. The part of this that is making me think more and more on this as a psychologist is the wondering of what is going on in this guy’s head. This was a close friend and he’d helped us with problems in our lives before. I wonder if he feels any remorse or guilt? Does he have nightmares when he sleeps?

But don’t let my experience fool you. If you’re reading this to gain some sort of insight to see if your friend is on drugs like meth don’t wait until it’s too late to help them. The only sign that is a real dead give away is erratic behavior. If your friends start acting really weird and you can’t explain it meth might be able to. I didn’t know what was going on when it all first started happening and I couldn’t figure out what would cause people to act so oddly. Once I found out that they were using meth it all made sense.

In a matter of only a few weeks our friends weren’t who they used to be. I’ve lost association with at least 10 people in a month because of drugs. Ten people I used to trust and hang out with. It didn’t even take all ten of them to leave me wondering how I am going to buy food and keep a roof over my head. Just one friend that I trusted completely. I never thought that meth would be a problem in this town, but I guess I never looked at the dark parts that no one wants to show you…

~ by alicechick on November 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Tweekers”

  1. unfortunately now days someone doesnt have to be on drugs to steal from you. Dont trust easily, just when you think you know people they prove you wrong. Sucks but thats just the way it is. As for drug users, no one can ever say for sure why they do it. Its not fair for anyone to say why they do it etc cause we have never walked a mile in their life. Bottom line is drug users have major issues and there are only very few people who can help them. No one can help them until they want to help themselves. I feel that drugs is a very misunderstood world. Drugs, even petty drugs strip you of your morals little by little and throw a person into another realm of this world, that no human being should be in, and a world that once you go into, there is no guarantee you will fully return from. Thats what people dont understand. Drug addiction isnt only a physical and mental metamorphis but very spiritual. Its very very sad seeing someone with so much potential that at one time was a wonderful person, waste their life

  2. (continued) away. I have seen in both from the eyes of the addict and related to an long time addict. I think this problem with drugs is only going to get worse and worse, and in order for people to actually get help, we as a society need to educate ourselves(so then when it happens in our life we will know what to do so we wont subconciously enable the addict) on the problem instead of the holier than thou attitude the majority of america has.

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