Oh Yeah, It’s For Real

Hahaha! I am in a great mood today. (Smile.) Granted yesterday was a pretty bad day for me. My wallet was stolen and I had to go cancel my debit card, just find out that the thief had already charged all he could out of it. Luckily the bank replaced the money and I am getting a new card. (Smile.) I need to get a new license too…but that’s ok. I didn’t like the old picture I had anyway.

No the stealing of my wallet isn’t the event that put me in such a great mood, obviously. I am so happy right now and it’s all because I was able to get out of my old lease and now I am going to be able to move out in December. I found another apartment that is much cheaper and I think it’s going to be perfect. (Smile.) I am so excited. Mainly because I will be able to actually afford to pay my bills now. My old apartment was bleeding me dry.

No, getting out of my lease isn’t the only thing that’s great for me right now. I have the best boyfriend ever right now. I know I’ve said my boyfriends in the past have been great, but right now he truly is. I’ve had boyfriends before that treated me ok or said they would take care of me, but my boyfriend now treats me amazingly great and can actually take care of me. I know he does truly love me and I know I do love him. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. (Smile.) I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t met this crazy, amazing man. Even when we weren’t together yet we were good friends and just being around him made me so happy (It still does too…) and seemed to make sense for me in my life. Out of all the chaos and stupidity around me he made things so happy and great.

Well enough of that. I am also really happy because I get to see my mom tonight. I haven’t seen her in a while and I miss her so very much. (Smile.) It’s going to be great to see her tonight.


~ by alicechick on November 15, 2011.

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