False Advertising?

No, this isn’t about some ad I saw on TV or in a newspaper. In fact I am not talking about any ad at all. Nothing paper or electronic, but physical and human. Yeah, I am talking about religion. It’s so odd to me that religion is such an iffy topic. So many people take it so seriously that they forget what the religion is really about. But so many things have happened in the name of religion; the Crusades, genocide, forced immigration, cover ups, and many other things that are just blown out of proportion.

I live in a predominately Mormon community, both my boyfriend and I were raised Mormon, but we aren’t really Mormon anymore. My boyfriend is pagan and…well I am not really anything at the moment. I believe there are forces at work, but I am not sure if they are the “godly” forces religion talks about or just natural forces that groups like pagans believe in. I know that I do believe people should be good to each other and treat each other fairly. I don’t consider that a god though, I call that being a good person.

But because my boyfriend and I are of different beliefs that those around us we aren’t treated that great. Some people are good to us and don’t treat us like we’re terrible for not going to church.I enjoy those people. Most of them are actually willing to talk to us and ask us what we believe just to learn. It’s the people that only ask questions in order to “prove” us wrong that bug me.

We I have children I don’t know what religion I’ll raise them. Probably no religion at all, I’ll just teach them to be good people. People that don’t judge others by the color of their skin or race or sex or sexual preference. I know that some people won’t agree with me, but I feel that is the right path for people now. I’ll support my children if they decide to join a church or any decision they are working with. I don’t want my children to fear me like I fear my father. I want them to know freedom and life and not have to wait until I am gone to truly know that.


~ by alicechick on October 23, 2011.

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