The Night Before

I am way too tired to be functioning today, but I still am. I am going to all my classes and I am going to be that good student that listens and doesn’t fall asleep in class.

3:04 That Afternoon

Well I am finally done with classes and errands, except for one. It’s annoying how long it’s taking for Walgreens to refill my prescription. The first time I took it there I had some issues with my insurance but I was in and out in twenty minutes. This time it’s just, “Oh come back in an hour and a half.” But soon I will just have to buckle down and do some homework anyway. I can’t sleep until all my work is done.

Right now however I am eating my breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack (sarcasm for I haven’t really eaten today yet…) of chicken flavored ramen with cheese! Yeah…I can’t afford to go grocery shopping right now, so I am surviving on ramen and my roommates kindness of here you can have this or here you can have some of this. But soon my boyfriend will have food stamps and hopefully our own fridge to use and we shall have food again!

But for now since my internet is being extremely gay I suppose I shall go a head and start working on homework…


~ by alicechick on October 3, 2011.

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