Growing Up?

Conversations among different types of people are always interesting. At the moment my very Mormon roommates and I are talking about raising children and punishing them. The example right now is if your daughter stayed out on a date longer than you had told her to be what would your punishment be. They are ranging from total parental attack of explosions and yelling (like what I grew up with) to the simple I am disappointed in you talks and grounding.

My point of view is the talking and possible grounding. Personally I don’t want to be that parent that the kids hate. I’d rather be the parent that is chill and is approachable. I feel that parents shouldn’t be their children’s best friends, but parents should be there for their kids when they are needed. I want my kids to feel comfortable with telling me anything that they need to. I don’t want to be that parent that explodes and screams when the kid comes forward with I am smoking or I am pregnant. I want to be the parent that says, “Well that was stupid, but we’ll get through this.”

My roommates are the more controlling and exploding parent types that are super religious freaks (no offence to anyone…that’s just my views on it…). They say if the parents don’t do anything to punish their children the kids will grow up and be terrible people. I agree with that to a point. But I also don’t plan on my children running wild and doing every little thing that pops into their heads. I believe that if children are raised to have common sense and a conscience they will turn out to be good individuals. But again this is if I ever do have children. I have my doubts at the moment. I know right now I am not ready to be a parent.


~ by alicechick on October 2, 2011.

5 Responses to “Growing Up?”

  1. yes we grew up with an exploding parent and i grew up a terrible person so do the math and theres your answer 😛

  2. thanks:)

  3. Our entire home environment was toxic. Beans, how long did it take you to realize that it wasn’t normal? I think you caught on quick. I didn’t think about it while at home, but once I left home and saw what my roommates’ families were like I was so jealous and angry with God and everyone. Haha.

    Beans, you are not your past. You are not a terrible person. You have used your terrible EXPERIENCES to make a better life for yourself and your kids. Onward and upward away from the crap.

    • I don’t think I realized it until like my sophomore year of high school. But I agree, Beans you have used our past to enrich your kids’ lives. We had the best example of what not to do when raising kids.

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