Psychology In a Relationship

I’ve been thinking about relationships and the psychology there in a lot recently. What makes a relationship last? What would break it apart completely? Does money really have a factor in it? Things like that. A lot of these are simple answers and then others not so much. Like money, that is a huge resounding yes that it is a factor in a relationship.

And then I started looking at it from the point of view of a therapist or even a marriage counselor. I will admit I’ve never been to either of these types of doctors. But in every story or movie I’ve ever heard of they always ask, “How often do you have sex?” I started wondering if sex really is such a big part of a relationship or marriage. But once I started thinking about it I realized that yes it is. You are on a new emotional level with someone once you have sex and you probably wouldn’t be having sex with someone you don’t like…

Well that’s my serious thought of the day. So for some humor here’s an awesome video by the gradualreport. I encourage you to watch other videos. They are hilarious!


~ by alicechick on September 20, 2011.

5 Responses to “Psychology In a Relationship”

  1. When you are dating someone and have not been sexually involved in them yet it is not relavant, you owe them nothing in the department. But when you are married to someone, it is diffrent. When you are married to someone, you want to be as close as you can possibly be to that person, or at least thats the way it should be in my opinion. Sex was meant to be way of becoming one between spouses. There is no better way to be closer to your spouse than thru the act of sex. Now, you and i both know this isnt always the case. But i think whoever you have sex with it is a spiritual thing as well. I know that sounds horribly cheesey but its true. Its like giving a piece of your heart and soul to someone and taking a piece of someones heart and soul for the rest of your life. And in the end after you get to know certain people you may end up finding you may not want to be connected to them like that ya know? As for money the cold harsh truth is money does make the world go round. Its not everything but it sure does

  2. make life easier. You gotta just set standards and decide what you want and deserve. When you become serious with someone, jobs money etc should be factored in because if you want children and money is hard to come by, and that person you are with isnt the type who would get two jobs so your kids have what they deserve, then you need to figure out how you would feel with being a working mother. Take it from me i learned it the hard way, IT MATTERS! I was just lucky i found someone who really is a hard worker and geniunely loves me! Loves wont keep you alive cause money issues takes a toll on relationships!

    • I agree. And I have accepted the fact that I will probably be a working mom. I realized that when our mom had to go to work.

  3. I have been to one before, they do ask about how often you have sex. It is a very important part of a marriage, and easily gets pushed to a back burner as kids, work, friends and stuff fill in.

    • That is understandable. It just was something I was randomly thinking about. In college it seems like such a huge deal even if you don’t have anyone. It makes me laugh actually.

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