Something Serious

I feel like writing another serious post kind of like my American Dream one. Those seem to get more attention than my very random rantings. So the question is what am I feeling strongly about at the moment? Lying. Yeah, that’s a big one for me right now. Okay, so I have my topic now and in order to writing something awesome I am going to go online to and find a definition I think is suitable for the words lie, lying, and liar.

Lie- I liked both of these.

1. A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

2. Something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture.

Okay both lying and liar are very anti-climatic I think. But they are fairly self explanatory…But for the sake of this post not feeling complete I will try to make my own short definitions for them.

Lying- Telling of falsehoods in order to gain something in life, whether it be the saving of ones own ass or gaining money or company of others.

Liar- A person who is not comfortable with the truth and feels it is needed to tell lies to impress others or stabilize their life.

Yes, I feel those are adequate. But I am sure someone out there is wondering why lying is such a hot spot for me right now. I suppose it’s not really just lying that has me bent on this post of seriousness. My main anger point will always be cheating. But I believe cheating and lying go hand in hand.

No, my hatred of cheating isn’t caused by my boyfriend if any of you were wondering. (That department is solid and happy. [Smile.]) Though I have been cheated on before, so I know how it feels. It sucks, it really sucks if any one of you are lucky enough not to experience being cheated on. But being cheated by a lover is a lot different than just being cheated. Being cheated by not being paid enough from your boss makes you angry and you can fight it. But being cheated by a lover, well it makes you angry too, but mixed in is sorrow you can’t imagine. You wonder if it was your fault or if you had done something different if it wouldn’t have happened. And then after time passes you wonder why you didn’t see it coming straight for you.

sadness Something like this is how you feel. (I just thought this picture looked so cool.)

So knowing how it feels to be cheated on by a lover of course I would be protective of people I am close to when I know the people they call their lovers or “the one” aren’t telling every detail of their day. I’ve talked about this before I think but if I said I was waiting for someone to get home off a mission or from where ever they were I wouldn’t be dating other people, I wouldn’t be making myself seem available. I would be careful. 

It makes me laugh just a little, because the person I am so protective of right now I am not even that close to. But blood is blood. And if I think the person that’s waiting for him is a little too cavalier (big word of the day for me [Smile]) then I feel the person should know. I don’t tolerate cheaters. But I can’t hurt the person I am semi close to. If I am asked I will answer, but I won’t be the cause of problems that could be avoided. 

Well I am rather impressed with myself. I like to write when I feel strongly about something because it helps me vent. I am sorry if a lot of this is confusing and scattered, but as I said I don’t want to cause problems that can be avoided. Comments and questions are welcome and appreciated. (Smile.)

~ by alicechick on September 17, 2011.

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