Emotion and Adaption

I’ve always been interested to see how a person’s point of view changes when a person’s emotional status changes. So I am conducting an experiment. I am watching Eat Pray Love again to see how my perspective has changed. I’ve watched this movie many times, but not lately. And I’ve never been happier in my life.

A lot of this movie is about finding yourself and being happy. It meant a lot to me three months ago because I wasn’t happy with myself or even in general. Now I am happy, so happy that I smile even in my liver (a quote from the movie). I am comfortable with my self and I am happy with my life. All because of one person. (Smile.) Yes, my boyfriend has managed in two very short weeks to make me so happy and so comfortable in my skin that I’ve stopped being a planner. My boyfriend tells me I am a thinker and that’s true. I calculate every detail before making decisions and I try to be level headed as best I can. Lately I’ve learned to accept life and that I don’t need to be the constant strong one. I have a person in my life that isn’t blood related and cares so much about me and would do anything for me. I’ve never had a real boyfriend now that I have such an excellent example to compare all my past relationships to. Sorry I am rambling when I should be watching the movie.

Hearing your friends talking behind closed doors about you is so real to me now. In the movie the main character hears her friends talking about her separation from her husband. It reminds me of my life so much right now. I am so happy with my boyfriend but there are those people in the shadows or the background that keep the constant doubt in the back of my mind. People who could ruin everything in one phone call.

But even after knowing how extremely screwed up life would be for me if the nay sayers wanted to ruin my life, I wouldn’t change a thing. Even if I lost everything I feel like I would be just fine. Even if my family disowned me I still have someone who loves me. Who can take care of me. (Smile.) Sorry I am being gushy now. But I think that everyone was right. Don’t look for love, let it come to you. Find that person that makes you so happy and that you can be comfortable with and that makes you comfortable with yourself. And that’s another part of the movie finding that perfect person that you don’t ever want to live without. Yes there are those hard times in life and those hard relationships that you can’t ever seem to let go, but once you do and find the place in your life that makes you truly happy it all goes away.

Happiness is like a butterfly. It can be yours, you just have to work for it. Go out find your butterfly net and go run around in the world jumping and laughing! Go chase it!

~ by alicechick on September 11, 2011.

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