Okay, I have been faced with a decision for well about 9 hours now. I am estimating of course. Facebook tells me it’s been around 7 hours since I got home, so I am thinking 9. Sorry, I am rambling, I should just get to my point.

Last night and yesterday I hung out with my friend Kreg. It was fun to say the least. I hung out with him the longest, but other friends came by too and we had some good hang out time. Kreg stayed with me for a good 6 hours after everyone else left. We made some dinner watch Iron Man 2 because I had never seen it and when I drove him home he did a tarot card reading for me (which was awesome! He’s really good at it and he has some really awesome cards!). It was awesome. So here is my decision: Kreg was dating my best friend. They broke up. Kreg knows I like this other guy, but I don’t think I really have any chance with the other guy. Kreg and I are hanging out, a lot. And to be perfectly honest I liked cuddling on the couch with him last night. I mean it was more of I am using you as a pillow, but it was nice. I am sick and every time I would cough he patted my shoulder. Kreg is a good guy and even though we are just friends he cares about me. I enjoy being around him and I think today I might step out there and ask if he’d ever date me.

We’ve talked about dating and stuff before, just not dating each other. We’ll be talking and I’ll say something like how I don’t wear an actual swim suit, I wear boy board shorts and a tee shirt. And he says that he likes that better than a girl in a bikini because it shows I am willing to do something fun, I am not out there to get guys.

Kreg and I are different, but I think that’s okay. He is a drunk (“alcoholics are quitters” –Kreg) and he does smoke weed every now and again, were as I don’t to either of those. He’s told me I am his only sober friend and he likes that. I want to go for, but I am afraid of it getting awkward between us. But then again I know it’s Kreg and I am pretty sure he won’t let that happen… (Smile.)

~ by alicechick on August 25, 2011.

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