Personality Traits

I just thought I should us an actual psychology term for this one. I am sort of talking about personality traits. I wish I had found the video on YouTube that I wanted. It was a clip from an old sitcom called The Golden Girls. An old lady named Sophia was telling how maybe the paper boy was right about her, maybe she was just a mean old lady. It’s one of my favorite things from that show. Sophia made it. (Smiles and chuckles.)

Maybe I am just mean and cold because I know what I want. (And a cowboy dragging a rope along isn’t it.) I grew up on a ranch, I am very much happy stay away from the ranch thank you. I know cowboys and I am not what they are looking for. And they are definitely not what I am looking for! I am looking for a punk kind of guy. Someone to keep things interesting and fun. Not someone you can rope me and drag me out of my apartment… (Smirks sarcastically.)

Yes, I have the guy in mind that is right for me. And I am sorry to tell you Mr. Cowboy standing at my door, he isn’t anything like you. But then again all you’re interested in is a little blonde girl with blue eyes who knows how to cook. (You’re barking up the wrong tree with my roommate too…She can’t cook.) (Giggles.)

Yeah, I am just a mean girl that knows what she wants. A guy who won’t be intimidated by a girl who wants a career or has purple in her hair or isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Sorry cowboy we’re both not what each other wants.


~ by alicechick on August 23, 2011.

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