(Screams Angrily At No One In Particular)

Yeah I wasn’t sure how to name this post, just because I am really not sure what I am going to write about at the moment. I am just full of a lot of emotions and I know I just need to write to get it out. I am going to try and not let everything just explode all over this post and keep things vague and mysterious, but I could fail at that.

I feel like just screaming “What the fuck?!” at someone right now, but I’d probably just accomplish causing more problems. I am trying to be contained and in control of what I am doing. I really am. I am listen to happy music and…and…I don’t even know. I am just the little hermit in my room right now. I want so badly just to talk to someone and let all this out, but right now the only person I would talk…well I don’t really have anyone to talk to actually. I would call my mom, but I have class in a few minutes and I actually should start heading to it…Dang. I’ll finish when I get back I guess…

8:47 p.m.:

So…I just got home for the night. I got out of class around like three and I was coming back to my apartment to finish writing when my very good friend Kreg found me. I am glad he did. I blew off some steam and I just love Kreg to death. He’s an awesome guy and I am so glad he’s dating my best friend. Kreg is a crazy guy, but he’s a really awesome friend. He’s actually helping me find a potential cuddle buddy.

I want to write more, but I feel terrible at the moment. I am getting sick and am cuddled up in my bed with cheap Chinese food and orange juice. So maybe if I feel up to it tomorrow and if I remember stuff I’ll write more tomorrow.

Daily Advice: Talking about random shit with old and new friends is great. (Smile.)


~ by alicechick on August 22, 2011.

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