I Love Random Thoughts

So in church today I had a lot of random thoughts. I tried to take notes on my randomness, but I can’t remember exactly what I was thinking about. So here are what my notes say:

Brunette and a sunburn. – I think this is what I wanted to name this post. Because there are so many blondes at church and I am like one of the only brunettes there. I decided to be weird and funky too and go with my hair up in pig tails. And I have a sunburn.

Engaged- Mormons get married a lot and usually very quickly…I don’t like that part.

Irish mermaid who’s hair is way teased and I just want to pour a bucket of water on her…- A girl had very pretty long red hair, but she teased it too much so it looked like a small bomb went off underneath it. I really wanted to splash her or something.

Pay it forward- I believe in Karma and if you act like a good person the universe will be good to you in return.

Burlesque dancing and Easy A- I had parts of movies stuck in my head. Dancing and music from Burlesque and witty lines from Easy A.

Nonexistent personal space- There were so many people at church today that you couldn’t really move at all. I felt very claustrophobic.

~ by alicechick on August 21, 2011.

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