Splash, Mud, and Sunburns

Yesterday I said I had a new point of view for life, that I wanted to live everyday as an adventure and be cheerful about it even if the adventure was sitting at home doing nothing. So today my roommates, our new friend David and I went to a place called Roper Lake with one of my roommates parents. Roper Lake is a small lake out side of our city, that to be honest when you go in too deep smells like rotten eggs. It was a lot of fun.

We splashed around a little at first and just got the feel of the lake. It was one of my roommates niece’s birthday so we got out and had a little birthday party for her. Then we got right back in the lake and had little splash wars and mud fights. It was a lot of fun. Now my roommates, David, and I are back at our apartment and finding we got sunburned pretty badly. My nose, neck and arms are all pretty red. It was worth it though.

A topic that came up while we talked was pretty interesting to me. Living in a Mormon community there are a lot of girls waiting for boys to get home off their mission. Heck one of my roommates is probably my future sister-in-law. I say probably just because the exact definition for waiting for a guy on his mission isn’t really set. When I thought about it and figured out what I believed waiting for a missionary was it seemed like it was the wrong way according to some girls. The way I see it there are probably three ways to do this.

Way #1: The Brittney Way: You’re waiting for you missionary but it’s okay if you kiss other guys. As long as your missionary doesn’t know it’s fine.

Way #2: The Ashley Way: You wait for your missionary, but you need to get out sometimes, even if it is occasionally with a guy. As long as nothing happens it’s okay.

Way #3: My Way: If you’re waiting for a missionary, then you should still go out with your friends, but if it’s a guy you should go in a group so that you’re not on a date or it looks like you are.

Maybe I am just ignorant to the ways of normal Mormons, but if I were waiting I’d be faithfully waiting and letting my guy know there is nothing he needs to worry about if he thinks I am cheating.

Sorry that little spiel kind of made this post awkward and sad, but it has been on my mind for quite a while…


~ by alicechick on August 20, 2011.

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