So I just watched a movie called Beastly. I loved it, but I was very sad to find that in today’s world being a beast is having excessive tattoos and many piercings. In the old version of Beauty and the Beast that this movie is based on the beast is just that, a beast. But in order to teach the young generations of the world how to act and what to think the producers of this movie made the beast just a kid in high school who gets tattoos and piercings? No. That is just stupid. In the movie the beast is a guy in high school who is popular, rich, good looking and a total jerk. He reminded me of Gaston from the original movie.

Personally I liked him better as the beast. I find tattoos and piercings sexy and I think trying to teach kids to treat each other equally is important, but trying to teach them that being individual is bad is a huge waste of time! I love the movie and theme of Beauty and the Beast. I watched it all the time as a kid and I’d like to think that through treating others the way you wanted to be treated is one of the most important qualities a person can have. Beastly is a good movie but the indirect social requirements are totally bogus.

The movie actually really made me want to get a tattoo and snake bites and to bring back my awesome extreme A line with purple bangs. (I must be a punk at heart…) I actually really wish I could just move some where and start new and be the person I want to be. But being in a place that is so very conservative (not to mention Mormon) being individual is difficult. Why do we have all these stupid rules made by people who are supposedly better than us? And if we don’t follow them we might as well be a leper? No. I refuse. I will be the person I choose to be and I will love every single second of it. If I don’t date a lot that’s fine. When the guy that can respect me for who and what I am comes along he’ll know I am what he’s looking for. I am a funny, cute girl who knows bits of Russian, is learning French and can be totally crazy at times. My dream job is to be a writer. And I don’t need anyone’s permission to do what I know is right or to know what the intelligent move in life is. Sure some day I may be the therapist you’re sitting down to tell your problems, and you’ll wonder why the most recommended therapist is a punkster with purple hair. On that day I hope someone who has read this is my patient and just laughs and tells me about how a few years ago they read this post.

Yes that would be the life. Wow, I feel pretty freaking awesome now!

Daily Advice: When you are “inspired” or feel strongly about something sit down and write. You’ll be surprised how much your caring about something or the passion your emotions will effect your writing.

Oh! P.S. I want to start writing a story my style about living in a very Mormon environment when I am really not Mormon at all. Kind of like a Beauty and the Beast story, but true and from a girl who doesn’t know how she’s going to survive this year in Mormonville. (I am not bringing down the Mormon beliefs, I am just writing my options about the people!) I hope if anyone out there reads this that they enjoy it and maybe will comment.


~ by alicechick on August 20, 2011.

3 Responses to “Individual”

  1. just wanted to let you know you inspired me to do my own blog when i get my laptop *fingers crossed*

  2. my life. Things i have lived thru.

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