Not Really A Rant, More of A Ramble

I have been doing so much today. And it’s all been at home today. I think I have only left my apartment once today. But that’s okay, I needed a good relax day. I have been stressing pretty hardcore lately. So it was nice to just sit at home, listen to my new We The Kings cd over and over again and just play. (Smile)

At least one person has probably noticed by now that I’ve made the print bigger on my blog. I was starting to get annoyed with it being so small.  I can’t enlarge the title font which annoys me because if I enlarged the body print I wanted to enlarge the title print. Oh well.

So today I’ve been playing on Facebook and reading blogs, in particularly Travis Clarks. He’s an interesting person. Very positive and humorous. He wrote about a break up he went through like last year and maybe it’s just because I’ve recently been through a break up, but I knew exactly how he felt. It make s me happy there are still a few real celebrities out there in the world that can still express some emotion.

I really think it would be awesome to meet him someday, like meet him and have a real conversation. I have a feeling we’d be good friends. I guess that’s another goal on my list for life.

#1: Become good friends with Travis Clark.

I made it number one just because it seems like a really awesome thing. I mean I could have put bungee jumping or something like that, but if we were good friends I could see him doing that with me.


~ by alicechick on August 19, 2011.

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