I Scared

I may be a girl, but I don’t do the screaming, jumping and all the weird stuff like that. I was raised with boys, which I’ve mentioned before. Living with actual girls (girls that are girly) scares me a bit. I don’t really know what to do with myself when they start doing something that I find slightly retarded. Like screaming when their friends come by. I don’t scream, if it’s a good friend I may hug them, but I don’t scream. I am pretty reserved and I am starting to be pretty quiet to. (As I get up to shut my door.) It makes me happy my other roommate is a bit quieter than the others.

Honestly do people think that if they talk louder that their point is more likely to be accepted? Perhaps it’s people want to sound smart so they get louder and louder until there is no disputing them. Like a trumpet exploding people would think, “Wow, how powerful!” no matter how ugly the note?


Sometimes a quiet thought is heard better than a loud one. And sometimes a quiet girl can take the stereotype that girls are stupid and loud and prove it dead wrong. Even if that girl scares guys because she’s smart, quiet, and different. But one day that girl will find a guy that can truly respect her. (Wow, I sound like a Disney movie…enough with that…)


~ by alicechick on August 18, 2011.

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