Random Thoughts While At A Concert

These little boy banders wouldn’t know music if it bit them in the ass.

Music should be about passion and fiery not watery and gooey. They sing about love and how it’s so perfect, but it’s not. It may not even exist. Especially if it’s supposed to be this perfect effortless thing like how they portray it.

I wonder if girls with little boobs just auto automatically hate girls with big boobs…I can’t help it if I am well endowed for a girl. I wonder if boob size can be translated into penis size…If a girl is well endowed would she be the same if she were a dude?

"I always wondered if the bee would get sad when he saw other bees with bigger stingers, and then I realized it’s not the size that matters but the motion of the ocean." –Travis Clark, Lead singer of We The Kings.

He really put the birds and the bees into a new perspective.

~ by alicechick on August 16, 2011.

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