Fit In Or Die

That’s how life seems for some of us sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time…I am starting to feel it more and more I find. You move into a new environment or something changes just a little and everything seems weird and kind of awkward. No one likes feeling that, but what can you do to change it? Answer for me personally has yet to be found.

Sometimes people just surprise you…You think you know them fairly well, but you can never truly know someone. Though you can tell when you’re not welcome…Being ignored, forgotten, pushed into the background, becoming the after thought if you’re thought of at all. It makes me very happy that my friends are back from the summer, or at least most of them…

Wednesday Morning…

I like how I stopped writing this last night to gather my thoughts, but my thoughts told me, “My god, I am so freaking exhausted! I am going to sleep!” Well that was after I had dozed off for a good thirty minutes with my laptop on my stomach…I am still really tired. I am either getting back into the swing of college life or my insomnia is back. Or I am just so exhausted from pre-moving jitters, staying up late once I am actually moved in, and then not sleep more than four hours after a concert. Oh and driving! Driving long distances makes me super tired for some reason…Probably because my mom would take me on cruises around the block when I wouldn’t go to sleep as a baby…

Anyway…I don’t really know what my point here is anymore…So I’ll just go with it! Free style with no real purpose. But sometimes that’s my favorite kind of writing…My room in my new apartment is now some what more me…I had to leave most of my posters, like my Zombieland poster, at home. They were inappropriate supposedly…But I’ve hung things up, which my taste is much more colorful than that of my roommates…But I like it that way. How colorful you may ask?

HPIM2230 This colorful. And this is rather tame for me…

HPIM2231 This is my roommate’s decorations. Very religious and family oriented…which I can respect. I have pictures of my family up. I kind of hope she has more stuff she wants to put up when she gets back because I feel really weird having so much stuff hung up.

I wish I could tag things in my picture of the stuff I have up like on Facebook…just so everyone could see what all I have up. Well here are pictures of the cool stuff.

HPIM2232     HPIM2235

HPIM2236 Spray paint art and a cool old school picture I am holding on to for my sister while she moves. Oh! I forgot one thing that is way cool, for me anyway…

HPIM2237 Autographed t-shirt from the We The Kings concert I went to. We made our own t-shirts. I think mine was the coolest. Mainly because I didn’t have something stupid drawn on it like I Love We The Kings in symbols. Like an eye, a heart and then just written We The Kings. I like to be more individual than that! Mine says Dance On Broken Dreams and then has little pieces of shattered glass drawn on.


~ by alicechick on August 16, 2011.

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