Zombie Apocalypse

For many years people have been interested in the thought of a zombie apocalypse. What would we really do if there was such an event? There are many thoughts of what a person would do and perhaps I’ll share my thoughts on what I would do in that event, but that isn’t my perhaps for writing at the moment. I am pondering the reason behind such fascinations.

I think the reason people wonder about zombies is a survival instinct. We wonder about what would be a massive challenge for us, what would be the hardest battle of our lives? What or who would be the hardest opponent for human kind to beat? Why not a monster in human form? It would probably be the hardest fight of our lives. If we were to fight against deceased people, perhaps even people we knew, how would we respond? And to know there wouldn’t be a cure if you were bitten and that the only way to help a friend or a family member who was infected would be to kill them. That would have major effects on anyone.

How long would a zombie apocalypse last anyone? There are many theories about that. Based on movies it could last anywhere from one to two years to decades. The most common thought is from one to two years, after which resources would diminish and the zombies would die out; Dawn of the Dead being the best example. However movies such as Resident Evil and Shaun of the Dead suggest that a zombie could last for a very long time, decades or more. Resident Evil suggests that zombies don’t actually need to eat flesh to survive. But we can never really know because there are such movies like Zombieland that doesn’t say what happens.

Okay, now for my thoughts on what I call Z day. The best thing to do is gather as many resources as possible and keep on the move. You could try to stay locked up somewhere like a Wal-Mart, but that’s very dangerous. But then also this depends on what kind of zombies you’re dealing with. If it is Zombieland style zombies then staying in a Wal-Mart would work; these zombies aren’t very intelligent. Resident Evil zombies and you’re going to want to just get on a boat and never come back to land or just keep driving.   

~ by alicechick on July 31, 2011.

4 Responses to “Zombie Apocalypse”

  1. Then again, if you have Left 4 Dead zombies (28 Days Later type) that sprint and mob and such…heh, then it gets very difficult. xD (I haven’t played the newer Resident Evils, so I don’t know what they’re like unfortunately.) Cars are just a burden as they require gas, which is very hard to come by once the power grid fails. Until you need to fill up, you’d be fine, but once it dies the zombies that were attracted to the noise will be on you quick. Holing up can be smart for a while, but only if you have a well-stocked place like Wal Mart. In that case, you’d need an entire group of people to keep it fortified as there are so many entrances to cover. Most of the time holing up will just lock you in place for a while until the supplies run out, and then you have to get on the move anyway and there will STILL be zombies.
    The boat idea is good, but again, only if you’re well-stocked. I think if you can wait it out on a boat there should be a decent chance.
    Granted, if they’re L4D zombies they aren’t actually ‘undead’. They’re people infected with a virus which brings up new issues altogether. Are your companions immune? Are they carriers who can pass on the virus but not fall victim to it themselves? Will the government try to ‘contain’ the infection by bombing any place affected by it?
    In the case of an infection, there’s also the chance for different strains of the virus that can cause different symptoms and make them faster, stronger, bigger…a common zombie is bad enough as it tries to rip your head off. A zombie that can survive a ten-story pounce directly on top of you and that has claws specifically for ripping you to shreds is a bit more of a problem.
    But that’s simply based on the only zombie-related thing I know anything about. xDD I’ve seen people play Resident Evil waaay back when. I remember that in the old games they were slow, shuffling things that you could hear coming from across the house. The only things that scared me were the dogs…
    I present you with my two cents.

    • Well see that’s the problem! There are so many examples of zombies that you can’t pinpoint one and have a gameplan. You have to be prepared for all of them!

  2. Good point! x3 Never know what Z-Day might bring, eh?
    Supplies are the one factor that doesn’t change; always have to have supplies. Food, water, a blanket or two, guns, ammo…And one must never assume that you’ll be able to find more supplies the next day. Heh, besides, if you’re stocked up for a zombie apocalypse, you’ll definitely be ready for a hurricane or tornado or something. x3

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