The Social Strains of a Relationship

Society today seems to make us (young women especially) all think that if we are to have worth we need to be in a relationship. Is society right? Do we as people need a significant other to be worth anything in the eyes of others? I think not. The idea that there is a person out there for everyone is absurd. Yes we were all raised on the Disney ideas that you will find true love and live happily ever after and after you’ve found the perfect mate your life is amazing and easy. It’s not.

Reality check: two out of three marriages today end in a divorce. So if you really believe that you’re going to find the perfect person and marry them you would have to get married three times. That is ridiculous. And honestly to think that one person will always be there for you and will always be able to make you happy is kind of far out there. Yes in years past it was an acceptable and expected idea that you’d marry once and be happy for the rest of your life. I don’t think that’s what really happened. I think people pretended to be happy so that others wouldn’t see how miserable their lives had become. How

I am a child of divorce. I know firsthand what it’s like for someone to not want to be the person they married. People grow and change but some people won’t or can’t…

Women seem to have a list that they think the man they want to be with will pass the test of the list will pass. I can understand having standards, but planning to marry a guy that fits the list is stupid. If a person waits for the right person by choosing wisely with the right now people life wouldn’t be so difficult.

Men are much simpler. They only really care about how the person looks, do they get along, and sex. I think men have the right now thing down, but they could be wise about it…

We are all allowing media and society rule us and maybe we shouldn’t. Relationships aren’t the most important thing in a person’s life. For some reason we think we need to please others and must be accepted by the world. We don’t need to be. We can be who we are and how we want to be if we can just stop allowing stupid stereotypes and labels and moronic prejudges.


~ by alicechick on July 28, 2011.

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